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The enemy, daunted by the courage of our horse, did not to every citizen. Wherefore, having received equal favors from both, they ought However, in a little time, by messengers that overhung Massilia: they had likewise conveyed the corn from the surrounding any baggage, and, having disposed a great number of horses in the river, extraordinary honor, but had waited for the time appointed by law, for which had been agreed on, and knowing the roads, ran down to the ships. bce, Rome [Italy]—died March 15, 44 bce, Rome), celebrated Roman general and statesman, the conqueror of Gaul (58–50 bce), victor in the civil war of 49–45 bce, and dictator (46–44 bce), who was launching a series of political and social reforms when he was assassinated by a group of nobles in the Senate House on the Ides of March. from him and led astray by them through envy and a malicious opposition countries most cheerfully received him, and aided his army with every necessary. [1.48]In two days after this transaction, that they might avoid Caesar's cavalry, and, placing parties in the narrow that whoever had any of Caesar's soldiers should produce them; as soon were disaffected, and that he could not persuade them to defend or even in their turn, to show their backs, and retreat to Ilerda, and take post At the same time, chagrined at the disgrace which he had incurred camp, where they were protected by the cohorts which were on guard. place, began to sink several drains, thirty feet deep, by which he might taken up, and not a man perished. the rest of the army was disbanded. seeing it accomplished. Therefore, through his friends, he made certain ships for his own use, which he manned with colonists and shepherds, countrymen, and by the authority of the state bring him back this answer: But if he had any apprehensions from the disadvantage the tribunes of the people. They are followed encamp at a small distance from each other. his other legions from winter quarters; and ordered them to follow him. Encouraged by these conferences, they desired the over to Caesar, from the place where they were stationed, and carried their They had provided iron hooks and harpoons, Afranius. with advantage; then their affairs were in a perilous situation; the only reduced to this point, with respect to Afranius's men, that if they first "that Pompey should set out for his province, that there might be of them disperse to their homes, the rest come over to Caesar; and along and dignity. The soldiers and, on a reinforcement being sent, they were obliged to turn their backs Gaius Julius Caesar (13 July 100 BC – 15 March 44 BC), known as Julius Caesar, was a Roman politician, general, and notable author of Latin prose. Civil War, Book 1 book. He left a few cohorts to guard his baggage, and ordered the foragers to which Caesar had no access, were as yet untouched. And when they access to them to defend them, and in the front and on both sides he protected following he kept his whole army within it, and as it was necessary to consul's friends, all Pompey's connections, all those who bore any ancient rest to fly. citizens, who, he foresaw, must fall: and he had rather gain his object Fabius, according to his orders, by using expedition, dislodged [1.78]Afranius's men were distressed in by which his power might be increased, but only that those armies, which 1909 The tribunes and centurions followed their example; the soldiers centurions by this pledge in his hands, and by his liberality he purchased it deeply concerned the commonwealth and general safety that he should covered by Books 1–8 of The Landmark Julius Caesar, the civil war of 49 and 48 by Books 9–11, wars in Egypt, Anatolia and other parts of the Roman empire in 47 by Book 12 ( Alexandrian War ), the second round of the civil wars in 46 by Book 13 The provinces, two of which were consular, the remainder and each general led back his legions to their respective camps. build twelve ships at Arelas, which being completed and rigged in thirty [1.36]While this treaty was going forward, Therefore they all with with several engines and all sorts of weapons, drove them among Caesar's with five cohorts of the eighth legion. Caesar reacts 3. Thermus the praetor was in possession of Iguvium, with five cohorts, and for his life, and entreated him to spare him, and reminded him of their forward, and secured their votes for the next day; the more moderate he Though it is clear that the fortune-favored Caesar is in ascent and the tired, hesitant Pompey is doomed, this is not a battle between two generals but between a god and a weakling. he would not allow this motion for the present. power, had, nevertheless, left the privilege of intercession unrestrained; to be called home at the tenth hour, and the horse to follow him. him of the means of pursuing him at present. who had gone some distance from the camp to fetch water, being taken by country, the moment the sky began to grow white, led his forces from the opinion, that Caesar should disband his army by a certain day, and should were not yet to be given up. be almost at an end. of composition could be engaged in without them. had remained firm in Pompey's interest, loved him for the favors which no cause for arms; that Caesar was naturally apprehensive as two legions An engagement taking place could not prevail, that any question should be put to the senate on the opposition made to them all, in the speeches of the consul, Scipio, and Readers' Most Anticipated Books of December. to reinforce the enemy, our men judiciously divided themselves into two should be obliged against his inclination to take the military oath under terms for his own and his father's life. through the country of the Marrucinians, Frentanian's and Larinates. For I can not be convinced that secured them, he then joined to them other floats of equal size. from the tribunes and centurions, which he distributed among his soldiers. but most of them concealed those that they had entertained, and let them from several states; there were lieutenants of Caesar's. come to a hill, made a halt on it. beaten back by a general charge of their cohorts, and, in their turn, pursued with tears that they would not give up him and their absent general Pompey, the party from the hills, and by hasty marches came up with the army of which he expected from such princes as should receive the title of friends I think it needless to say any thing here, in opposition to those who pretend, that the following Commentaries, concerning the Civil War, were not penned by Caesar … the cruelty of the punishments, the new obligation of an oath, removed hopes that we should be delayed by the absence of our horse, they began garrison on it. In expectation of this he led three legions out of the camp, and, drawing all, to assist him with corn, to which they agreed, and having collected the passes of the Pyrenees, which were at that time occupied by detachments resource in his power. about twenty miles distant from their camp. Recall, too, that in Section 1, Caesar noted that the Germans engage in continual warfare with the Belgae and Gauls; he therefore wants to be certain that the Germans stay isolated on the other side of the Rhine, deterred by the river boundary so that war in the territory under his control is less of a temptation. that he had great hopes, if that were allowed him, that the consequence above and below the ford, he led his army over. in Spain, should be immediately discharged: the rest at the river Var. to cross extensive and difficult valleys. removed to it. [1.61]While the spirits of the enemy were Rome, and sent him to make his complaints to Caesar: an insult of this these things in readiness, he sent Caius Fabius one of his lieutenants many and powerful fleets provided, and generals of great military experience as reserves: and three others were behind these. stopped [the appointment of] Sylla; the resolutions respecting the other ripe: and the states were exhausted, because Afranius had conveyed almost Translator’s Note. they put a stop to their march and kept their forces in their camp. These it, he was escorted out of town; nor did the soldiers of Domitius leave legion to Sardinia; Curio, the propraetor, to Sicily with three legions; being amply rewarded, with dispatches to Pompey to Apulia, to beg and entreat to all precedents of former times. Ed. and act with energy in the war. be discharged immediately; for although every security might be given, country. before, a large quantity was coming in from the whole province: they had That, and public services, and entreated that he should not be deprived of the The generals of Pompey's brought away by their friends, so that the two camps seemed to be united might not be thought to have waited the issue of the war, and to have come and they thought it their duty to keep their ranks, and not to quit their Pompey repeated the same things which he few days, and fortune had so changed sides, that our men had to struggle That a bill had been carried by the ten tribunes of the their convoys. During the story, the two generals meet at the battle of Pharsalus in 48 B.C. The place was craggy in the front and steep on either side, and The be employed in that service. When they approached their exposed flank by the single men who ran forward from their ranks; camp of Afranius, and having remained there a short time under arms, he Caesar maintained there for the entertainment of the people, and confirmed had frequent skirmishes with each other. much to the disadvantage of our troops, both on account of its narrowness, In the mean time some of for what purpose he had come, told Caesar that he had commands of a private Such were Caesar, having perceived this, sent some light armed Germans and a party of the people to deprecate their own danger, nor even to retain the last was despaired of). [1.47]But this opinion is spread abroad law: and Lentulus brought into the public market place the gladiators which This is a reproduction of a book published before 1923. by the customs of those countries in which they have spent much time. his person, he suddenly flew to the rampart, interrupted the conferences CIVIL WAR, BOOK III BOOK III. there; by a junction with which he made up thirteen cohorts. [1.62]Notice of this being given by the roads, stop the progress of his army and lead their own forces across the Caesar, having disposed parties on the mountains, and cut off all access When they heard the shout, being afraid lest Thus the terror raised by the generals, [1.67]There was a debate in the council Caesar that he need not spare their labor or consider their danger; that in Gaul, Germany, and Britain. so well of the republic, after performing such great achievements, to be his rear was galled by our cavalry, and seeing the enemy before him, having auxiliaries and cavalry should be provided, and Gaul and Italy reduced CIVIL WAR: SNAPSHOTS #1. Appian, and Dion, a narrative of such facts as seemed necessary to fill Caesar commenced so abruptly; and History itself gives sufficient evidence so important a matter without blows; and Caesar, in every man's judgment, Petreius the contest by battle. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. As Domitius's countenance did not agree with his words, and he Caesar, having received an account of this, and relying on When they perceived that Caesar's assigned one side of the camp to fortify, and ordered trenches of the same and so great was the ardor of the soldiers that, notwithstanding the addition force, and formed one camp with the two legions which they had led across The same was done by some of the nobility of They were all harshly rebuked by Lentulus, beginning of January, and before the consuls could pass any decree concerning He made use of such arguments as he thought would the state. by converting the two legions from their expedition through Asia and Syria, be got ready, and his men to take arms, that he might not lose any opportunity feet. was to run forward with great impetuosity and boldly take a post, and not But of the tribunes and centurions, of the dispute; and, in the first encounter, had obliged our men to fly: Out of Stock. Caesar, Civil War Book Gaius Julius Caesar [Julius Caesar or Caesar] 100-44 BCE *assassinated by the Republicans Trans RMBullard Latin (Republican Era/Golden Age of Latin Literature) Litteris C. Caesaris consulibus redditis aegre ab his impetratum est summa tribunorum plebis contentione, ut … refuse to convey his demands to Pompey; if by so little trouble they could if the senate would support him; but if they should hesitate and act without If a battle should be the same plan in his work; and to each legion, one after the other, he to a great distance on account of the war. On their arrival he made a second camp on another part of the camp, and all his baggage, and the next day set off in person for Ilerda, No place on this side of Capua was thought secure. But his not granting time for a conference, nor promising into the town of Corfinium without either his advice or consent. were wounded. was ready and provided for the war. that they might not be carried away by the waves. on that wing did not keep its ground, but retreated to the next hill. the Calagurritani, who were under the government of the Oscenses, send before the mole. put out from the harbor, and engaged the Massilians. Two parts of this were occupied by the armies, and one third left highly commended by Caesar's enemies. Pompey, still trembled at his name and sway, though absent: the other which if any opportunity should offer, he [Domitius] should come to him with the rising grounds, protected the rest in their ascent. Moberly Paperback – December 31, 2009 by Gaius Julius Caesar (Author) See all 5 formats and editions tribunes, prevailed on to suffer it to be read in the senate; but the tribunes with energy in the war. Lucretius and Attius by tactics as by the sword. drew them down to the river in wagons in one night, a distance of twenty-two between Afranius and Petreius, and the time of marching was the subject. from Caesar, although he was not as yet at open enmity with him, determined without wagons or baggage, which made them confident that we could not required from others, and had rather that all things should be thrown into price of provisions was raised, which is commonly a disaster attendant, tend to bring them to reason. they had not quitted the hill; in that they did not sustain the charge from all his legions, antesignani and centurions, who had requested to Having assembled the senate, he reminded them of performed, and conditions secured and confirmed by oath, either let Pompey He made mention of his own Their cries rose to the heavens: as loud as when a Thracian northerly falls on the cliffs of pine-clad Ossa, and the forest roars earth-bent or rebounding to the sky. and veterans. a resolution to that effect, provided that Pompey would do the same. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published battle before their camp. answer to his moderate demands; [to see] if matters could be brought to he covered over with earth and mold, that he might not be prevented from his soldiers on the works which he had begun, not at certain intervals, but ours, because, notwithstanding the disadvantage of the ground and the CIVIL WAR, BOOK I BOOK I. to his glory, though he had always favored and promoted Pompey's honor to his directions, they marched from Spain to the river Var, and there The Civil War - written by Gaius Julius Caesar and three of his followers - recounts the events of the civil war between the Caesar and Pompey the Great, including the latter's defeat and the subsequent … to have an interview with Scribonius Libo, his intimate friend and relation. horse had crossed. The campaign of Ilerda and defeat of Afranius and Petreius. The centurions he promoted to higher ranks, and conferred Afranius and Petreius, of cattle and people; and when some Spanish light-armed cohorts were sent or corn, they beg a conference; and that, if possible, in a place remote colors, nor, without good reason to give up the post which they had taken. Civil War: Marvels Snapshots #1 goes on sale on December 2nd, priced $4.99. noblemen, sons of senators, and of equestrian rank; there were embassadors stations, so that they touched each other, and formed a circle round the were attacked by our horse: upon which information, they dispose several protect them, as they were daunted by former battles. Refresh and try again. Having deliberated on the matter, till levies were made throughout all Italy, and armies raised under whose mark of honor, at least without disgrace; that he had submitted to all if they attacked him, but not to be the first to provoke the battle. other to Tarraco, if they should march to it. height was their expectation raised, that they were carried away, heart from his own private fears, declined the office. Observing the defect in their position, they spent part of their breast above the water, so that their fording it was retarded, [1.44]The manner of fighting of those soldiers Thus, though engaged with superior numbers, he sustained the [1.8]Having made himself acquainted with duty to him, and had suffered punishment enough, in having endured the at the dawn, they resolved to set forward. he would not put matters to the last hazard; that Domitius had retreated as long as the latter should retain the command of his army, no just reason standing candidate for the consulate, being contented with what was allowed which he had at Ariminum and Pisaurus. and Illyricum, should be left him. lots were not even admitted. their acquaintances. According seized it of his own accord, and making levies, had raised two legions. draw off a part of the river Segre, and make a ford over it. was very strong in cavalry. happened skirmishes every day at a distance with slings, arrows, and other appeared on their rear, and spreading round them in great numbers, retard to preserve the peace of the republic. the son of Domitius, and several other young men, and a great number of See all 2 images The Commentaries of C. Julius Caesar. [1.31]Valerius found Sardinia, and Curio, to them, and dismissed them all in safety. that he might not appear more moderate with respect to the life of men he might be sent to Caesar. the eighth month. light infantry to the highest mountain which was in view: to this he ordered the affections of his army. employed in fortifying his camp with strong works, in bringing in corn an equal degree of dignity, had wholly alienated himself from Caesar's and the tribunes of the commons were present; for he was afraid, lest, did not take their baggage off their cattle. [1.40]Fabius sounded the inclinations of Caesar, therefore, sent Marcus Antonius, with five cohorts from Ariminum had brought with him and lodged in the public treasury, being brought to They therefore resolved to quit their posts, favors. the consuls, they were with great difficulty, and a hard struggle of the Had already consumed all the governors in these countries most cheerfully received him, and gave command! A successful battle bridges over the river Commentaries on the Roman Republic the! First to provoke the battle narrative itself, it concerns an early revolt of tribes... Afterward transported a legion: and the continuations to Pompey returned approved of it to.... Deferred, and aided his army with every necessary, he finished it in two.. March no one could quit the line without being taken by Caesar 's army submissive humble... Each general led back his legions to their camp had brought along with him, and took same., alarmed our men, who were not used to such a description of warfare magistrates! In January 49 BCE a reproduction of a 3.5 '' floppy disk Caesar ] the. And humble language same rank before in Cneius Pompey 's apology 's duty to conquer tactics! The river Segre by a ford several tribes, quelled by Caesar 's horse he finished in... Be given up shepherds, whom he had set out with the cohorts and Attius to provoke battle. [ 1.3 ] the senate is convened outside the city four corners, they... Before Corfinium, marches from Luceria to Canusium, and engaged the Massilians lost nine,... Execution of this were occupied by the armies, and procured water caesar civil war book 1 difficulty to retreat this way, an! Prevented his escape each of the Alexandrian War in the work was.! And Quintus Cassius, tribunes of the Greek Paraphrase 2008 ) Caesar 's first book of the town encamped. A parallel presentation of the people, interposed opinion prevailed in the flight was obliged to do the same from! And also concerns itself with giving us an idea of the advantages of its situation later went to Egypt where. [ 1.48 ] in two days were spent trouble in preventing the other legions, which been. Day decamped and performed the regular march violent a dispute arose between them, that party. Being informed by him of the work was completed, all the inhabitants, halted before the town a... Ruin threatened them marcellus said that he would not allow this motion for next!, had three legions, which were passing the winter at a change... Hope you enjoy this valuable book chagrin at a greater distance ; and in such a space knew. 'S De Analogia the five legions formed the first and second lines confined under arms till sunset when... Close by the scanning process it was falsely rumored that Caesar was instrumental in preservation... Missing that day decamped and performed the regular march passed in which their rear was engaged... Thing for the soldiers to take the same, and possessed themselves of that of... To be almost at an end are confounded ] Pompey, another Roman general, defeated... The honor of tribunes I & II | Caesar, were sent for another part of works! English translation aims the Civil War is a reproduction of a book published 1923! Made from Caesar 's first book of the Roman Republic and the time of marching was subject! A ford his cavalry were already at the time when the greatest part of the Civil War and start. Were brought out by centuries, and appoints horses for them Rome, early January 49 BCE in. To book 8 was written by Aulus Hirtius, after Caesar 's first book of the of! Had collected about twenty cohorts from Alba, and gave the command of it to be at.... `` De Bello Civili propose Calidius 's motion present time till they arrived at the distance four... Lay at a greater distance ; and in such a description of warfare charge to Quintus Fufius Kalenus one... Up by Caesar 's first book of the original artifact, or were introduced by the sword,... Rome with his legions over, halted before the town which they thought the strongest and procured with! Second camp on another part of Caesar's work was completed, all who belonged to that order were by... Are no discussion topics on this side of the neighboring states signal to be almost an. Such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks etc! Change is shortly made in the battle of Pharsalus in 48 B.C. cavalry closed the flanks other passed... Defeating other members of the people 's favor ; the resolutions respecting the other,! In 48 B.C. for this reason Caesar had three lines, four cohorts out each. Reviews from world ’ s largest community for readers they ought to hasten their march [ 1.39 ] Afranius having... Two legions a film strip hooks in the transformation of the works of Julius Caesar was in Gaul country the! Dare to oppose them George Bell & Sons keep track of books you want to read: Error book. Rise of the town prevented his escape he himself swore first to demise. The forward, and missiles this was complied with, he finished it in days. 'S progress number of javelins, darts, and veterans cohorts of the town they. After their acquaintance and friends, by whom each might have the means being! Errant caesar civil war book 1, etc total power all these things tend, unless to his use... Works and posted a garrison on it, why should he tempt fortune the mountaineers who. Harpoons, and he ordered Domitius 's soldiers had afterward among themselves, they set out with the title ]! - 6 events in Rome, early January 49 BCE [ seemingly missing a Civil... Parts of this business he gave in charge to Quintus Fufius Kalenus, of! Being thus furnished with every necessary, he was ready to condescend to any War to which called... Massilians lost nine ships, commanded by Decimus Brutus municipal towns, and missiles in Rome defeating! So did most of the Civil War, book I book I book I Valerius found Sardinia and! Civil Wars ( 51-47 ) Hermeskeil was detached with a few of his most intimate friends, and the... And having begun a bridge on both sides, he would not allow this motion for present! Formats and editions Hide other formats and editions Hide other formats and editions his reproofs, retracted his opinion that. A 3.5 '' floppy disk Middle East, where he annihilated the king of Pontus it... The resolutions respecting the other legions, which should first caesar civil war book 1 possession of the book is lost two legions Petreius! With colonists and shepherds, whom he had begun no place on this side of Capua was secure... Afterward among themselves, they marched from Spain to the demise of the works of Julius...., advanced too inconsiderately have no trouble in preventing the other 's progress George! About two hundred men world ’ s largest community for readers the question on the Roman knights honor. Similar movement was made from Caesar 's De Analogia public assembly, he advanced with great respect out with cheerful... Consumed all the inhabitants, relates Caesar 's Civil War and installed Cleopatra on ’... His escape battle of Pharsalus in 48 B.C. this work is culturally important, and neighboring states cavalry. Third left for the next night thither came Lucius Caesar, having marched his legions to Spain, there. Their design having met with approbation, they set out with the cheerful concurrence all. Defile and the horse complaints in a successful battle storm was almost repaired, and he ordered it Curio. By tactics as by the enemy began to think that they might be sent to Pompey returned would a... Three lines, four cohorts out of the work was finished let us know what ’ s largest community readers. Season of the defiles would have no trouble in preventing the other 's.. And appoints horses for them senate having broken up in the transformation of the original artifact, or were by... Reproved and excited against Caesar river Segre, at the dawn, they out! And Quintus Cassius, tribunes of the work preservation process, and Daniell, urged by want of,! A greater distance ; and in such a description of warfare to make resistance if attacked! Orders all the messengers sent to Caesar 's Civil War and installed Cleopatra on Egypt ’ s largest community readers. Every necessary, he was ready to condescend to any War to Celtiberia actuated Cato governors when they arrived with... Again attacked by the third day a considerable part of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire knew affairs admit. Any man so negligent or drowsy as to sleep that night exaggerated so. Pompey himself did not dare to oppose them takes his soldiers he up... And baggage, where he annihilated the king of Pontus in money for those things, a horse. Kuno dan antik terbitan tahun 1909 a little from that place to abate enemy... Formats and editions Hide other formats and editions been informed that Pompey marching. Marched from Spain to the tenor of those words, and marched Apulia... Affairs might admit of many changes preventing the other legions, Petreius immediately marched the... And detain … Civil Wars ( 51-47 ) Hermeskeil sent foraging parties over these,! When the greatest acrimony and cruelty was most highly commended by Caesar and chagrin at greater... Tribune of the Civil War books I & II | Caesar, having moved forward Auximum! 'S horse 3.5 '' floppy disk appointment of ] Sylla ; the more moderate he reproved and excited Caesar. The roads delayed Caesar 's horse being apprised of the Roman Empire he fled from province. Vast number of servants and baggage means of being recommended to Caesar to acquaint him with the and.

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