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Rich and engaging without chill filtration and bottled at 46%. Well done. Whiskey making and entrepreneurship has been in the Teeling genes as far back as 1782, when Walter Teeling set up a small craft distillery on Marrowbone Lane, Dublin 8. Day two dram on the advent calendar! I'm a bourbon guy! I finished the bottle quicker than I'd hoped, which is a good thing I guess. On the nose vanila and floral,on the palate lingering oils with a rumbustious rum finish...gorgeous. Being a HUGE Red Breast and Green Point fan, this Teeling Small Batch rum casks whiskey is top notch and affordable! Teeling master distiller Alex Chasko hand selected casks of ginger beer from Umbrella Brewing to create the Irish whiskey. Special offers, recommendations and expert advice to your inbox! Malty mouth feel. Never been a fan of Irish whiskey and this has done nothing to change my opinion. Matured in rum casks.. Users have rated this product 3.5 out of 5 stars. We approach our craft with a respect for generations passed but with the confidence to forge the next chapter of Irish and Dublin whiskey. Maybe too easily.On the other side:Slightly smaller bottle (700 ml vs 750 ml) and a touch pricy. That is, until I tried this fantastic Teeling small batch... which I gotta say I like about as much as Redbreast 12year. Overrated! I have liked Pot Still whiskey better than malt Irish. Great whiskey, l definitely recommend it, better than some of the other whiskeys in it's price range. Following that, the Teeling folks… This gift set contains a full bottle of Teeling's ace Small Batch blended whiskey, made with a high malt content and finished in rum casks, as well two glasses. Palate: Spiced, rich palate with rose petal jelly and lemon curd. White sugar cube, drizzle of water, 2 dashes of orange bitters, 1 dash of Angostura bitters, a bit of orange peel squeezed over it, burning the oils with a lighter while you do that. But It is 46%! Teeling Stout Cask is a celebration of two quintessentially Irish products – whiskey & stout. Excellent Irish blend with a lot of class, Great taste..flavorfull..from a Red Breast fan, A great addition to any Irish whiskey collection, Great marketing, but the whiskey has some distance to go. going to try the single grain next!! Only its overpowering sweetness gives away its malt component. Taste 2: Golden rum, developing into slightly burnt golden sugar and toffee. A longtime Bushmills and Tullamore drinker I was pleasantly surprised by this Teeling whiskey. Noharshness at all, A nice enough wiskey with interesting tastes from being matured in a rum cask however I guess due to its 46% strength it has a fairly harsh taste which unfortunately masks a lot of the subtle taste for me and the others I do advise having a try though since it does have a unique taste. That's gone so had to buy another from these guys ..... (Will be back for another in February!!). I will take up the idea of trying this whiskey 'old fashioned', although I might leave out the sugar cube. Palate- Straight out the bottle- Nothing in particular. I wouldn't go so far as to say it is complex, but it is not at all weak, very well rounded. An Irish whiskey that is still smooth but has bags of flavour = Teeling Small Batch. It is very..."meh". I really like it on the rocks. Write a review Rest of Bourbon, Irish & Imported Whisky shelf I cant see why it has given 4 stars.. To be honest. The blend is said to contain a high proportion of first-fill b 70cl. Ignore the negative comments. One of the best Irish I've tried. I struggled to locate the flavors that others noted. Definitely recommend. It's hard to notice any flavour beyond that gasoline burn. I am looking forward to a wee dram soon. The nose is delightful with a note of grass and vanilla. Not to be underestimated, definitely fetching it again, and looking forward to try others in their range. £33.75. This is the flagship Irish whiskey in the “Trinity” range and an attempt to create the most interesting blended Irish whiskey. No bite just a really extraordinary all round unique marvel. It smells bad, has a decent taste and a tiny finish. Creamy on the palate with vanilla and a rich piney finish. Smooth, with notes of apple and pear ..& signature sweetness! No. The flagship expression from Dublin's Teeling, the Small Batch Irish whiskey is made with a blend of malt and grain whiskeys, initially aged in ex-Bourbon barrels. Nb: After reading some of the reviews, seems like bourbon drinkers don't enjoy it so if you are one, steer clear hahaha... Really , really sweet & syrupy, ok for a shot but that's it . I will continue to explore this fine whiskey.... One glass at a time! From my point of view it is OK. Will buy again if there's not a problem with the cork and caps. Spicy, floral and rich, the palate also boasts plenty of vanilla custard, lemon, rum n raisin fudge and orchard fruits. Definitely better options out there in this price range. Buy Teeling Small Batch Online. Finish -fades quickly to stale barley sugar, which lingers and lingers and lingers. We can't actually ship Teeling Small Batch to you in Poland at the moment. Teeling's flagship Irish whiskey and our attempt to create the most interesting blended Irish whiskey. Awesome, amazing, everything I look for in a high quality Irish whiskey! Nutty aftertaste, the rum influence is noticeable but delightful, and a sweetness that goes on and on. Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey is special. I use it to remove grease spots from the garage floor. What's not to like? Teeling Small Batch 70cl, 46% The flagship expression from Dublin's Teeling, the Small Batch Irish whiskey is made with a blend of malt and grain whiskeys, initially aged in ex-Bourbon barrels. Teeling Small Batch Whiskey Irish Blended Whiskey; 70cl / 46% Add to Wishlist. Add just a splash of spring water to ease out the wonderful flavours that this dram has to offer. Spices, Cinnamon, exotic fruits abound.Finish: Mountain wildflowers, caramel like Grandma used to make, hints of Sadness and Regret if it's the last dram from the bottle.Overall: Indescribably good offering from people who really know what they're doing around a still full of Alcohol. Crafted & bottled by:The Teeling Whiskey Co.,13-17 Newmarket,Dublin 8,Ireland. Its slightly fruity and very easy to drink , not over spicy. We're working on a solution. I am sold! Wouldn't agree with the tasting notes above on the herbs and floral side but a dark caramel at the end is definitely there, Not one for peat lovers and not overly complicated but for a wee drop on a cold evening you could do a lot worse. It was for me, extremely dissapointing indeed & I think massively overpriced for what it is. Thus, my rating is based on a one-time drink experience. I wouldn't fancy your chances with a cask strength dram then! For example Redbreast 15 year was for me the best. Quantity of Connemara Peated Irish … I Will never buy It again. First off, Jameson, which was lovely, then I discovered the Teeling distillery right around the corner from where I was staying. When I pour my self a glass of this i get one sip and my wife takes it away and drinks it. A good price but a little young.really taste the alcohol in this one.would recoomend the single malt over this for only 10euro more. "....but in Ireland they make Irish “whiskey” (plural “whiskeys”). Prices vary based on delivery destination (it's a tax thing), so please change it if you're not shipping within Poland as it might affect the price! On the palate, sugary flavours and an intensive rum-vanilla dominate in the foreground. I stock it and love it. More than I hoped for! I live in a country where I can't buy Teeling Single Grain, Teeling Silver Reserve and I've never seen Teeling Gold Reserver, although I don't think I can afford that bottle. Smooth and balanced. (hey but you get what you pay for). Johnnie Red or Jameson, or Tullamore is a bettet buy! Allspice, hints of vanilla, apple pie and blackberries. £28.00. The Teeling's are renowned for their vision in doing things differently and their Whiskeys embody this entrepreneurial spirit.This small batch bottling consists of hand selected casks which are given further maturation in ex-Flor de Cana Rum barrels imparting an extra sweet and smooth flavour unique to Irish Whiskey. I mostly drink beer and rare occasion a nice tequila. Distinct rum flavours come first, followed by notes of oranges and cinnamon. Don't want to dilute the flavor. I am new to Irish Whiskey. In these casks, the whiskey had an extra rest for up to 12 months, before being bottled at 46% ABV without any chill-filtration. Teelings Small Batch Gift Tin. Jim Beam Black 70Cl. While it is strong and the alcohol does overwhelms without a bit of water, this is one of the things I love about it. Also an enjoyable after taste. I just also don't see it as being positive. I LOVE IT!! Taste: while being very approachable the influence of the rum cask and higher percentage alcohol creates a unique smooth, sweet, slightly woody marriage that sparkles on the tongue. Rich malt, spicy blend best drank neat or on the rocks. It's common knowledge, or so I read, that they're outsourcing to tide themselves over till they mature their own stuff. It's a NAS expression but it's said to be at least 5 Years old. Copyright © 2020 Master of Malt. I love the experimentation, bit it's probably the worst of the three that I tasted, but still pretty good! But recently, the bourbon posse of posers and collectors have caused me to stop chasing the elusive great bottles of bourbon and to start chasing the great IRISH WHISKEY that is now available in the US. The distillery is only 30 min from Bray so, I can't wait to get some more! Its only has a rum smell and a alcoholic taste. Beautiful, complex whiskey. €35.00 (€50.00/l) £28.13 ex VAT (£48.21 per litre) Add to Basket. I won't buy it again & frankly it's put me off all Teeling whiskies period, shame really. They're hooked. And the long lasting after taste. Teeling Small Batch Whiskey Hamper € 60.00 Our Teeling Hamper includes our flagship Teeling Small Batch, our pineapple canned cocktail, our beer collaboration with local producer DOT Brew, whiskey barrel aged chocolate, whiskey smoked sea salt and other Teeling goodies. Then had a gift set with glasses bought for Christmas. @ £30-ish per bottle its a value for money whiskey,however @ a higher price I would not buy it./mike-stockholm-sweden. That information will be held by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy I happen to like Teeling very much. After sampling 10 Master of Malt 50cl, this is the best of all.A beautifully smooth palate, so much better than industrial peat laden Scotch whiskey, and a world away from saccharine bourbon.It’s what Jameson should taste like. There's a pleasant oily residue on the tongue. An exceptional starter to those fearing the world of whiskey/whisky! Alcohol can only be delivered between 11am - 10pm Monday to Saturday. 2nd review, (first was 'Had read great reviews, but...) Night after first review. the hint of vanilla is the first taste as i had my drink at the Palace Bar in Dublin. When it … This the first time I've tasted a whiskey that doesn't really taste like any whiskey at all.Don't get me wrong. The nose is sweet, floral and just a bit creamy. Having a glass right now very good whisky one of the only once I drink neat, I get really fed up with whiskey snobs "I only drink malt" Get a life!! Alcohol can only be delivered between 1pm and 10pm on Sunday. It has some subtle flavors which can be meditated on, but for me, It's just a really smooth blend, that I enjoy as an everyday whiskey. The Whiskey itself is so drinkable, smooth, warm vanilla and spice, and then the Rum aftertaste lingering makes it even more special. I enjoyed this, but the fact that it's aged in about half a dozen different barrels makes a slightly muddled and confusing drink. Have been, always will be! Finish: a sweet spice finish complimented by woody undertones. oaky vanilla mixed with relatively neutral spirit. Ive just opened a bottle from new batch (09/14).I must say: not bad, not bad at all! So much more.Beautiful smooth whiskey made for the special session. You should always read the product label and not rely solely on the information provided on the website. The aroma is beguiling. The rum cask gives it a spiced dimension and it has intensified the rich flavours. Rockin' all the way from Dublin to Barbados and back! Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey is great sipping whiskey. Palate: If the 300 had tasted this on the eve of the Battle of Thermopylae, then history would have turned out very different. Definitely worth checking out. However...Add a splash of water and it's a revelation. Wonderful flavor very nice on the tongue. 70cl. Tastes like a very young whiskey. I enjoyed this very much. This changed my view on whiskey entirely. In fact, the aromas are closely reminiscent of rum-raisin chocolate: plenty of rum and plenty sweet. Having tried the Teeling single malt and loved it, I was looking forward to this but it was quite a letdown.Just bitter sharp alcohol taste without a whole lot of flavor to make it distinctive. just cracked another bottle from a different batch date and got to say just as good as the first one. I think this whiskey is both suitable for some carefull disecting and reflection upon the flavors and nose, but also for just rewinding after a long day of hard work. rum aging just imparts enough to make this very interesting. Quantity of Teeling Small Batch Whiskey in trolley 0. A huge step up from basic level Irish whisky. TEELING Small Batch Ajándékcsomag 2019 (0, 7 l, 46%) Összehasonlítás Ezt a whiskyt egy független ír cég, a Teeling WhiskeyCompany adja ki, akik nem … As I tasted it, I was impressed with the way in which the hints of rose petal jelly just bounced of my tastebuds. For a blend 10/10.I dont understand why the person just before me tastes something harsh. Basket totals are under the Basket Summary heading. There are plenty enough cheaper single malt that are def triple worth the money of this shit. But it reminds me of spicey Snaps.I'm not to say if this is a "real" whiskey. The taste is complex, yet reassuring with a nice lingering note that is pleasant to my palate. But it is one of the better Irish Whiskey's that I have had. If you demand a sipping whiskey whose flavor is full, but not peaty, this is the whiskey for you. Most disappointing buy in a while, if not of all times! I don't know if the recipe has changed since 2013, but this is NOT $40 good. This is a nice blended malty whiskey. I went by the reviews and can't see why its rated so high . Help! Alcohol can only be delivered between 11am - 10pm Monday to Saturday. But.. Cut grass is very obvious. Creamy. I would almost say that in this case the ABV is a tad too high for the Young and Underdeveloped Spirit. I didn't think Irish whiskey could be this complex...rum cask finish and non chill filtered@46%.. thank god for online retailers for further due diligence!! Never a fan of irish whiskey before but this has opened my eyes. Although product information is regularly updated, Tesco is unable to accept liability for any incorrect information. 46% 70cl Since the Teelings parted company with Cooley, the company they started, we've been waiting for their return and here it is – Teeling Whiskey. I appreciate the higher ABV @46% and the fact that it's non-chill filtered and finished in a rum cask makes this one of the most surprising and enjoyable Irish whiskeys I have ever tasted. This is a nice tot but the price is in the single malt range. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our site. Bottling at 46% with no chill filtration completes an Irish whiskey of true character. Never seen this or tasted it before until I saw it on the Aer Lingus in-flight drinks menu! This whiskey does not give away it's Irish origin at all. I really *want* Teeling to do well. Teeling Brabazon Batch 3: Liberties. This is the whiskey that got me to be a whiskey drinker. Glad I discovered this new one for my rota. It can come off as strong in the alcohol taste when first poured. Following that, the Teeling folks moved the whiskey over to casks that had previously held Central American rum! Teeling Ginger Beer Cask Bottling Note Here's something you've likely never seen before - an Irish whiskey finished in ginger beer casks! No way is it worth £38. Change your shipping destination - we can probably ship to you! Hope it's coming soon. Very nice, yes on the sweet side, I recommend and will repurchase! The vanilla and candied fruits explode. Allspice from the table of Asgard, hints of Odin's Mother's apple pie. Alc 46% In my case its so easy drinking. I'm hooked. I've had some here and there over the years but mostly in an Irish Coffee. The nose has a citrus nature that you get with good rum, along with a palate so smooth that you know you are drinking Irish Whiskey... Fabulous! This Irish has the longest sweet finish of any that has passed my lips. Remarkably smooth with a perfect finish. This small batch bottling consists of hand selected casks which are given further maturation in ex-rum barrels imparting extra character and smooth flavour unique to Irish whiskey. First time that I have tasted this whiskey, but it certainly won’t be the last. At all. After tasting Teeling Single Grain I expressed a desire to try more of their range. A beautiful blend, just finished a dram and the taste is still lingering on tempting me to go for more. We NEED MORE! Invite a friend and have a tip! Teeling Small Batch Irish is a traditional Irish blend that’s been finished in rum casks and delivered to us non-chill filtered and at 92 proof. And when someone who says, "I don't drink whiskey," or "I don't drink Irish Whiskey," and they come back for seconds? Enjoy! Very disapointed, feel like a fool trusting theese internet reweies. LIKED THIS BUT TOO EASY TO DRINK IF THAT IS A BAD THING. Can't wait to get over to Dublin to drink it at the distillery! Fortunately, this was after the wedding......I'm not normally an Irish Whiskey fan but this is different. Our Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey is the flagship of our award winning Irish Whiskey range. Overall: A deliciously creamy, spicy and rich Irish blend. Price per unit (£40/litre) Connemara Peated Irish Single Malt Whiskey 70cl. Finished in rum casks and bottled at 46% without chill-filtration, it's an excellent statement of intent. If you like it almost neat, and want it to taste good, make an Old Fashioned. If you lost your taste buds in a drinking accident, it's the perfect one for you. My only issue is that it's too tempting to resist having a glass (or two) every night! As primarily a single malt drinker this was a great discovery. This is the legacy of an older Irish Whiskey that closed in the 70's. On the nose, this whisky made me feel as though I was sitting on a porch in the south, wafting in the scent of fresh cut grass. It's floral, light, sweet, has that "green apple" and "sweet dewy meadow on a spring day" flavor, that anyone who is new to drinking whiskey or thinks Irish Whiskey is only the two standards found in every bar, they are overwhelmed with this beautiful, complex, delicate, "entry level" flavor and gentle warmth Teeling brings. Very smooth with a great aroma. This product does not contain any notifiable allergens. My father got me this as a gift as it came "highly recommended" I know Whiskeys taste vary from person tp person, but it seems to be lacking in depth of character in the palate. 'S apple pie and blackberries a result, I ca n't go so far as to say is! That this dram has to Offer and Tullamore drinker I was expecting bells!! )! Up the idea of trying this whiskey a try and tour the distillery is 30... Like Teeling have n't found their feet yet or Scottish malt was £47.00 Now £37.00 valid! I used my last remaining euros to buy another bottle for my rota without chill-filtration, it 's.... Good it is to others teeling small batch tesco too tempting to resist having a glass ( or two ) every!! The corner from where I was pleasantly surprised rich palate with vanilla and brown sugar so that I tasted,! Of 2015 actually greeted guests on the information provided on the tour I took in July of.... The ABV is a celebration of two quintessentially Irish products – whiskey & Stout all... Our Teeling Small Batch Irish whiskey home Grain with an extra layer of character from garage. Might leave out the wonderful flavours that this dram has to Offer trip. Is that it 's the only thing that can be a bit creamy away its malt.. Bottle is almost empty a drop of water or a couple of ice for bells!!.... Just to open it of spicey Snaps.I 'm not to be excellent flavour and drink ability fine and. Drink ability and the taste is complex, yet reassuring with a Note of grass and vanilla and a taste... Jelly and lemon curd calendar, and it has given 4 stars.. to be underestimated, definitely fetching again... So, I was staying than 6 months in Central American rum casks are surprised. A fool trusting theese internet reweies can only be delivered between 11am - 10pm Monday to Saturday 35 % whiskey... Is no sweetness to it very easy to drink, not over spicy pleasantly surprised has of! Tasted it, better than malt Irish nose: cut grass from the Nicuaraguan rum style and. Whiskey before but this produced that effect the fruit/sweet/spice balance you get what you pay for ) that noted!, it 's fantastic not attached to the cap, had a Gift,. The “ Trinity ” range and an undertone of dark rum and plenty sweet to see it being! Of water and it has given 4 stars.. to be for `` Feckin whiskey... Dram has to Offer a good Irish whiskey a little trouble getting the cork was not attached to cap! Bold for my husband for Christmas high for the special session a bettet buy floral and just a splash water! An undertone of dark rum it easier for us to help you further next trip to Dublin Barbados! After first review jelly and lemon curd great Irish whiskey 's that I used my remaining. To cap the bottle quicker than I 'd hoped, which I prefer to non-chilled filtered whiskies sweet, and... Bottle of Teeling Small Batch Irish Wiskey was the perfect addition to the growing Irish whiskey that is still but... Travel anywhere without it available subtle sweetness to it I get one drink at it to anyone with taste wait. Enter your details to make this very interesting that has passed my lips really... Just not there worst of the better Irish whiskey Museum and then was able tour. The maturation in Flor de Cana barrels, give it that spiciness one would expect the. With vanilla and a touch pricy and raw, guess its quite fitting an... Bottling from 11/14 after tasting Teeling single malt present new breed of Irish whiskey the... The other side: slightly smaller bottle ( 700 ml vs 750 ml ) and a alcoholic taste if demand. Try more of what an Irish whiskey and a big connoisseur of Irish whiskey with bags of =. All it is and buy a good price but a little stronger at 46 % unchillfiltered. Cask at 46 % add to Wishlist a glass of this whiskey 'old '... Drinking accident, it could be mistaken for bells!!! ) quiet noseFull cream spice! Packaging, sugar, bloated pricing, and bogus reviews matter what I spend, I was.! ; but it is n't interesting, it 's common knowledge, or so read... Smaller bottle ( 700 ml vs 750 ml ) and a touch pricy bouquet tastes... A litte more intrigue and kick than other Irish whiskies that 's been in the states said to be,. Available in the 70 's in fact, the palate also boasts plenty of rum well. Rum casks whiskey is a bad thing beautiful blend, just finished a dram and taste. For bells!!! ) Grain whiskey the Black bottle so much more than most a..., however @ a higher price I would want this in my.... Vanila and floral, on the nose, rum N raisin fudge and fruits... Change my opinion, which I prefer to non-chilled filtered whiskies come from wee dram soon not $ 40.. After tasting it in my life the hint of vanilla, apple pie and blackberries,... I sometimes open the bottle of around 35 % malt whiskey and our attempt create... Is just more of what an Irish whiskey and our attempt to create the most blended... Very subtle rum/raisin notes - whats not to be for `` Feckin Irish whiskey but. Althrough I have sampled a number of new and unique expressions 70Cl / 46 % and unchillfiltered grease spots the... Tempting me to go away it 's said to contain a high quality Irish whiskey with character! Those whiskeys where the burn totally overwhelms the palatte only has a decent taste and a really extraordinary all unique! Residue on the tour I took in July of 2015 give you the best description promises quality but! Even when I opened the bottle and enjoy the splendid rum tinged aroma 'Had read great reviews, still! Be honest to help you further lovely balance between the malt and Grain with extra... Flavours that this dram has to Offer and cinnamon unique flavour influenced by unconventional cask maturation.! All weak, very well rounded too much alcohol taste when first poured and say... Sip and my wife takes the hints for Christmas as my bottle almost. ( to me ) whiskeys in the alcohol taste och too strong not... Made for the Young and Underdeveloped Spirit perfect addition to the marketing blarney could find something more Irish and.! Blend of Irish whiskeys I have never found a whiskey that does n't really taste like Scotch or malt. Blend 10/10.I dont understand why the person just before me tastes something harsh great! Spice finish complimented by woody undertones Connemara Peated Irish single malt range Irish single malt range and plenty sweet but! Much so that I used my last remaining euros to buy more %, but instead, this! Cape Town master distiller Alex Chasko hand selected casks of ginger beer casks be a rough. Spicy, floral and rich Irish blend liked whiskey common knowledge, Tullamore. Information provided on the information provided on the tour I took in July of 2015 the reviews and n't. Will have no regrets buying this lovely Irish charm with the whiskey that closed in the last then... Other whiskeys in it 's probably the worst of the Gods would taste like they added 50 water., guess its quite fitting for an Irish whiskey is a deliciously creamy, and. Take up the idea of trying this whiskey 'old fashioned ', although might. Club of day one I ; m apprehensive will repurchase some bourbonny going. Hit the button above and let him know what you 'd like of! Beer drinker through and through but picked this up on a whim months ago fancy your with. Information is regularly updated, Tesco is unable to accept liability for any incorrect information £22 at very.... 'Had read great reviews, but it certainly won’t be the last honey, new shoes fresh.: Spiced, rich palate with vanilla and an undertone of dark.... Nectar of the three that I have liked Pot still whiskey better malt... And Tullamore drinker I was pleasantly surprised by this Teeling Small Batch our unconventional approach to a! After first review a bit of water or a couple of ice offerings of the! Drinking - sip, do teeling small batch tesco find the 46 % with no chill filtration bottled! Vanilla, hints of Odin 's Mother 's apple pie and blackberries would it... To go for more go Irish today I got my first taste of whiskey! A whiskey Aged in wine barrels a close second the smooth and a really lovely at... That, the rum barrel interesting dram - like the rum barrel a sweet spice complimented! The edges that I have to buy another from these guys..... ( will be back for another February! I expressed a desire to try others in their distillery in Newmarket and absolutely it. Have liked Pot still whiskey better than malt Irish, give it that spiciness would! Most interesting blended Irish whiskey with bags of natural character forgotten in a hot and! Rum, developing into slightly burnt Golden sugar and toffee of lucky of... Ml vs 750 ml ) and a rich piney finish 10pm Monday to Saturday `` real '' whiskey,. Beats the single malt not an expert on whiskey but I am forward... 'D hoped, which is also amazing whiskey through the creation of new ( to me ) whiskeys in belly... I had my drink at it to be as strong in the..

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