database availability requirements

Virtualization Manager appliance 6.3.2 and later 3. Ensure that the system is not a domain controller. 6. Oracle Active Data Guard Far Sync is used for zero data loss protection at The business impact analysis categorizes the business processes based on the severity Note that in the case where there are dependencies between databases, they are The management model is that SQL Server must drive the transactions, and is responsible for keeping the cluster's view of the state in sync with SQL Server's view of state. planned outages due to maintenance, migrations, or other purposes. checks, Real-time failover, zero or near-zero data loss, Zero application outage for Platinum ready primary system). Considering another aspect of the business, the high availability requirements are less stringent for systems that gather clickstream data and perform data mining. previous architecture, and builds upon it to handle an expanded set of outages. Before adding a contained database to an availability group, ensure that the, Preparing a secondary database (manually), Joining a secondary database to availability group (manually), Modifying the number of availability databases. A backup on a secondary replica holds a thread on the primary replica for the duration of the backup operation. Maximum number of availability groups and availability databases per computer: The actual number of databases and availability groups you can put on a computer (VM or physical) depends on the hardware and workload, but there is no enforced limit. If these back-end systems are down, then A DAG is a group of up to 16 Mailbox servers that hosts a set of databases and provides automatic database-level recovery from failures that affect individual servers or databases. For more information about the account for administering the cluster, see Appendix A: Failover Cluster Requirements. mission-critical for a management consulting firm, because the business of a Before implementing a resilient system, you need to: 1. environment. Requires ALTER AVAILABILITY GROUP permission on the availability group, CONTROL AVAILABILITY GROUP permission, ALTER ANY AVAILABILITY GROUP permission, or CONTROL SERVER permission. levels. See the following topics to learn how Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture A database availability group (DAG) is the base component of the Mailbox server high availability and site resilience framework built into Microsoft Exchange Server. Oracle Engineered Systems can also exist in any of the tiers. cloud the company can ensure their systems always remain operational. Groups of databases by similar RTO and RPO can be mapped to a controlled set of high Architecture, High Availability Overview and Best Practices, Oracle Database High Availability backups using Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) provide data protection, and are used to If the WSFC requests an automatic failover while the secondary replica is unsynchronized, automatic failover will not occur. Note: you would need to replace the and with your values. The web-based sales Availability replicas: Each availability group supports one primary replica and up to eight secondary replicas. Figure 2-2 Oracle MAA Reference Architectures. You can add replicas to AG unless you do not exceed the limitation set by MS. 5. Using separate network links can cause unexpected behaviors if some of links fail (even intermittently). On UNIX platforms, Database Toolbox supports JDBC drivers. Otherwise, the DAG's IP addresses can be configured using manually assigned static IP addresses, or they can be automatically assigned to the DAG using a DHCP server in your organization. For more information, see Always On - HADRON Learning Series: Worker Pool Usage for HADRON Enabled Databases (a CSS SQL Server Engineers Blog). In addition to lost revenue, downtime can negatively affect Furthermore, every other replica must be hosted by an instance of SQL Server 2016 that resides on a different cluster node in the same Windows Server failover cluster. Each MAA reference architecture delivers known and tested levels of These numbers are staggering. Possess at least one full database backup. The Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze MAA reference architectures, or tiers, are It gives the organization a better feel for the resource demands associated with meeting availability requirements, and it allows for better planning. Alternatively, use Oracle Sharding for site failure availability are preferred over methods that may be more complex to manage, even if the to implement. having similar RTO and RPO objectives together. Platinum, providing higher consolidation density and higher TCO. Therefore, its RPO must be zero. The human knowledgeable and experienced personnel, Reviews business practice histories, financial reports, IT systems logs, and so Just as RPO and RTO measure an organization's tolerance for downtime and data loss, your business. To support the Always On availability groups feature, ensure that every computer that is to participate in one or more availability groups meets the following fundamental requirements: Also ensure that your environment is correctly configured for connecting to an availability group. Databases must be in multi-user mode, they can’t be in single user mode. Clustering and High-Availability (Failover Clustering and Network Load Balancing Team Blog), Getting Started with Windows PowerShell on a Failover Cluster, Cluster resource commands and equivalent Windows PowerShell cmdlets, Configure DNS settings in a Multi-Site Failover Cluster, DNS Registration with Network Name Resource. This will prevent potentially causing a single WSFC from attempting to host two availability replicas for the same availability group. customer relationships, competitive advantages, legal obligations, industry reputation, A database availability group, which can consist of up to 16 Exchange mailbox servers, automates recovery at the database -level after a database, server or network failure. client-focused company is based on internal research accessibility for its consultants a remote standby site remain idle, with no other business use that can be served by the Organizational demands for application database availability, reliability and performance for petabytes of big data and 100s of billions of rows of information continue to rise. Each server instance requires a database mirroring endpoint. You cannot directly add or remove security for a server instance in Cluster Manager. Database Performance Analyzer on Orion 10.2 and later 5. Do not use the Failover Cluster Manager to manipulate availability groups. The Overview, A Methodology for Documenting High Availability Requirements, Oracle Database High Availability Overview, Description of "Figure 2-1 Planning and Implementing a Highly Available Enterprise", High Availability and Data Protection – Getting From Requirements to Architecture, High Availability and Data Protection Attributes by Tier, Description of "Figure 2-2 Oracle MAA Reference Architectures", Oracle Exadata Database Machine: plant. For example, consider a high availability architecture in which IT systems and storage at Security is inherited from the WSFC. In a distributed availability group two availability groups reside on different clusters. substantial value for the most critical applications where downtime is not an Database availability group IP addresses: One or more IP addresses must be assigned to the DAG, unless the DAG members are running Windows Server 2012 R2 and you're creating a DAG without an IP address. Be a read-write database. and knowledge workers. However, the RTO of the systems that support back-end operations, 21 Requirements Summary for Capture and Delivery of Databases in an Always On Availability Group 21.1 Database Connection. Additionally, major database upgrades or site migrations can be done in The following PowerShell example sets the HostRecordTTL to 300 seconds for a Network Name resource named SQL Network Name (SQL35). impact. potential to lose data to zero or near zero. When you add the replica ensure that you specify the current endpoint URL. If you use transparent data encryption (TDE), the certificate or asymmetric key for creating and decrypting other keys must be the same on every server instance that hosts an availability replica for the availability group. consolidation density is higher with Bronze and Silver tiers, and there is less or zero A SQL Server instance uses up to 100 threads for parallel redo for secondary replicas. Remove SQL Server Database From AlwaysOn Availability Group on Primary. Comprehensive high availability and disaster In addition, availability groups use unshared threads, as follows: Each primary replica uses 1 Log Capture thread for each primary database. harm to the organization. Basic runtime validation combined with manual checks. high availability capabilities that reliably achieve a given service level at the lowest center. Each server instance must be running the same version of SQL Server to participate in an Always On Availability Group. zero or close to zero. Ensure that each computer is running Windows Server 2012 or later versions. Write it in plain Englis… Identifies the critical business processes in an organization, Calculates the quantifiable loss risk for unplanned and planned IT outages Signs of overloaded systems can include, but are not limited to, worker thread exhaustion, slow response times for availability group system views and DMVs, and/or stalled dispatcher system dumps. This failure could cause the secondary databases to be suspended. If a given thread is idle for a while, it is released back into the general SQL Server thread pool. network infrastructure. Every time you open a new PowerShell window, you need to import the FailoverClusters module. In-flight For more information on CSV, see Understanding Cluster Shared Volumes in a Failover Cluster. Each of these technologies requires additional effort to implement, but they deliver We recommend that you use encryption for connections between server instances that host Always On availability groups availability replicas. Simply said, a non-functional requirement is a specification that describes the system’s operation capabilities and constraints that enhance its functionality. You must use Transact-SQL or SQL Server Management Studio. availability included with every Oracle Enterprise Edition license. However, its back-end merchandising and inventory The maximum length for an availability group name is 128 characters. Businesses with higher availability requirements must deploy more fault-tolerant, redundant systems for their business components and have a larger investment in IT staff, processes, and services to ensure that the risk of business downtime is minimized. customer interaction system that drives e-commerce sales is likely to have an RTO of Enterprises can also reduce TCO for growing infrastructure needs by moving workloads to Availability groups are not supported on domain controllers. To administer a WSFC, the user must be a system administrator on every cluster node. Related Tasks The availability replicas hosted on a given server instance share a single thread pool. Database-aware replication substantially enhances high availability and A manageability goal is more subjective than either the RPO or the RTO. Do not use the Failover Cluster Manager to fail over availability groups. A complete business impact analysis provides the insight needed to quantify the cost reference architectures provides the best database platform solution with the lowest RTO The following table summarizes the high availability and data protection attributes Microsoft SQL Server Always On Solutions Guide for High Availability and Disaster Recovery, SQL Server Always On Team Blog: The official SQL Server Always On Team Blog, Always On - HADRON Learning Series: Worker Pool Usage for HADRON Enabled Databases, Overview of Always On Availability Groups (SQL Server) The tiers explicitly address all types of unplanned outages, Required availability and requirements for standby sites of the data stores, both DBMS and non-DBMS to satisfy continuity of operations and meet required Service Level Agreements (SLAs). applicable to on-premises, private and public cloud configurations, and hybrid cloud. The Open PowerShell window via Run as Administrator. Container databases (CDBs) using Oracle Multitenant can exist in any tier, Bronze through The elements of this analysis framework are: Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment. This name will be both the name of the DAG and the name of the underlying cluster. Recovery Appliance (Recovery Appliance) as the Oracle Database backup and recovery DR enough.". benefits, including clustering technology using either Oracle RAC or Oracle RAC One In this situation, SQL Server can’t resume synchronization with the databases part of the availability group, and the only solution is to completely restore the database on the secondary node. expenditures, and generate a higher ROI. The only exception is that while being migrated to another cluster, an availability group can temporarily straddle two clusters. Not belong to any existing availability group. Unique availability group name: Each availability group name must be unique on the WSFC. The hotfix needs to be installed on each Reporting Services report server. To avoid possible conflicts, it is recommended to configure possible owners for the failover cluster instance. using all of the replicas at all times. require minimal or zero downtime in the event of database instance or server failure, as Normally, an inactive thread is released after ~15 seconds of inactivity. SQL Server Always On Requirements to be used productively while in the standby role (for example, for reports or for Some organizations have varying RTOs based on the probability of failures. losses, customer dissatisfaction, reputation, and so on). Recommendations for Computers That Host Availability Replicas (Windows System. hour of package shipping services. Because each application has different operational and availability requirements, MySQL offers a range of certified and supported solutions, delivering the appropriate levels of High Availability (HA) and scalability to meet service level requirements. Attributes By MAA Reference Architecture. We strongly recommend that you use the same network links for communications between WSFC nodes and communications between availability replicas. The Gold tier also reduces costs while improving your return on investment by actively Recommendations for Computers That Host Availability Replicas (Windows System 4. Check the properties of your databases, and make sure this option is set to ‘False’. This data loss is often measured in terms of time, for updates. So where do you start? If any databases that use FILESTREAM will be added to an availability group, ensure that FILESTREAM is enabled on every server instance that will host an availability replica for the availability group. One simple Not be configured for database mirroring. of unplanned and planned downtime. class separation is local failures (such as single database compute, disk/flash, network Understand the processing requirements of all applications that are connecting to the databases. achieves the business goals of your organization. Note that this endpoint is shared by all the availability replicas and database mirroring partners and witnesses on the server instance. applications. resource applications used by plant administration are unlikely to be considered as If the file path (including the drive letter) of a secondary database differs from the path of the corresponding primary database, the following restrictions apply: New Availability Group Wizard/Add Database to Availability Group Wizard: The Full option is not supported (on theSelect Initial Data Synchronization Page page). For information about Always On availability groups support for client connectivity, see Always On Client Connectivity (SQL Server). Before you deploy Always On availability groups, we strongly recommend that you read every section of this topic. Database availability group name: Use this field to type a valid and unique name for the DAG of up to 15 characters. In-flight transactions Oracle technologies protecting your database, especially Zero Data Loss Recovery Threads are shared on an on-demand basis, as follows: Typically, there are 3-10 shared threads, but this number can increase depending on the primary replica workload. Thus, the company needs In-place upgrade of your existing SQL Server Failover Cluster, Maintaining your existing SQL Server Failover Cluster. seconds. customer experience and drive away customers to the competition. including data corruption, component failure, and system and site outages, as well as Oracle Maximum Availability Dedicated network adapters: For best performance, use a dedicated network adapter (network interface card) for Always On availability groups. The maximum number of threads used by availability groups is the configured setting for the maximum number of server threads ('max worker threads') minus 40. data protection (corruption protection) beyond what is possible with storage replication such as shipping and billing, can be higher. restore availability should an outage prevent the database from restarting. On a given computer, you can enable as many server instances for Always On availability groups as your SQL Server installation supports. cost and complexity. enterprise. To be eligible to be added to an availability group, a database must: Always On availability groups works with any supported database compatibility level. The only exception is that while being migrated to another cluster, an availability group can temporarily straddle two clusters. Restore from backup, potential to lose data generated since the last The business impact analysis determines your tolerance to downtime, also known as the solutions to achieve zero database service downtime for unplanned are preserved with Application Continuity. and have a direct impact on the financial results of the company. Because the cannot afford to lose any data. the cloud rather than making an upfront capital investment in building a new data As another example, an internal knowledge management system is likely to be considered Adding or Removing databases from availability group is not day to day task but we need to perform such activities whenever it required. The RPO is the maximum amount of data that an IT-based business process can lose without The Internet and Cloud can connect the business directly to The Bronze availability architecture that achieves both business and technical objectives. List all security accounts, security settings, configuration options, databases, instance-level objects, DTS/SSIS packages, data feeds, remote/linked servers You will need to write a disaster recovery plan that includes every step and detail that must be performed in order to rebuild the servers. unplanned outages. Oracle RAC, Oracle Active Data Guard, and Oracle update system can have a higher RPO because lost data can be reentered. Sufficient disk space: Every computer on which a server instance hosts an availability replica must possess sufficient disk space for all the databases in the availability group. For information about responding to a failed ad-file operation, see Troubleshoot a Failed Add-File Operation (Always On Availability Groups). to ensure that the existing infrastructure can scale and handle spikes in customer Hotfix for .NET 3.5 SP1 adds support to SQL Client for Always On features of Read-intent, readonly, and multisubnetfailover. Node. protection, because impact on the application is only on shards in Serial Redo threads are released after ~15 seconds of inactivity. of downtime avoided and the financial benefits that accrue to its productive use, while The Silver tier provides an additional level of high availability for databases that With Autonomous Database Cloud, database life cycle operations, such as Do not change any availability group properties, such as the possible owners. For example, for an availability group to support automatic failover, the secondary replica that is the automatic-failover partner must be in the SYNCHRONIZED state. The only return on investment for the standby site is the costs related Log shipping is really more of a disaster recovery technology than it is an availability … By combining your business analysis with an understanding of the level of investment begins by performing a thorough business impact analysis to identify the consequences to the Synchronous or lagged replication. SQL Server 2016 introduces distributed availability groups. However, depending on the last activity, an idle thread might be retained longer. Failover Clustering and Availability Groups (SQL Server), Always On Architecture Guide: Building a High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solution by Using Failover Cluster Instances and Availability Groups. Typically, business-critical customers have an RTO of Redundancy for system infrastructure so that single Each architecture includes all of the capabilities of the Storage Management (ASM), Oracle Multitenant, and more. availability reference architectures that most closely address the required service SQL Server 2019 introduced parallel redo for memory optimized availability group databases. down before the organization starts suffering unacceptable consequences (financial less than 1 minute for local failures, and may have a higher RTO of less than 1 hour for Applies to: SQL Server (all supported versions). required to implement different high availability solutions, you can develop a high

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